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Pyramid Healing & Channeling Session

A column of light is anchored here, this is a time machine/portal device, as we call in our guides, ancestors, angels, and the energy of the Creator, we are connected to them here.  The main ingredient for connection is intention, and the living essence of the water connects the Physical and Spirit planes allowing Spirit to bring messages and healing. 

Session: Before your appointment I will tune into your energy and prepare the pyramid with appropriate crystals and other allies that wish to work with you during your session. Writing down any messages that came through to share with you.

15-20m Check-in and Channeling Explanation: Settle in and we can briefly talk about your intentions for your session and what channeled messages came through during my check-in session.

30-40m Pyramid Meditation: Although I have contacted your guides (and mine) before your arrival, we open the ceremony together and call in our guides, and the pyramid guardians letting them know our intentions through a prayer in the healing waters that cycle through the pyramid.

You settle in, laying down in circuit with an eye mask and headphones, shamanic drumming will take you into a trance state, letting your guides direct the healings.

5-10m Writing experience: Upon emergence from the pyramid session I will ask you to share your experience on paper, writing for 10m, either in a shared experience notebook or in your own private notebook

20-30m Sharing our experiences: During your time in the pyramid I am also participating in witnessing the healing session, directing and calling in appropriate energies to work with you.  I will share my experience of your session, and I hope you will share yours with me.  

This is an energy circulation device, a “Biocircuit” first invented in the early 1900s by ​Leon Ernest Eeman, this is a rendition of his “Optimal Eeman Relaxation circuit”. A Biocircuit is a non electrical device that uses the conductive properties of certain materials such as copper, in a specifically arranged configuration to promote optimal energy flow within the body of a person. Biocircuits help redistribute energy and promote states of deep relaxation facilitating immune system health and relief from tensions and stresses. This technology is using polarity to engage the body’s energy meridians along the central nervous system.

This system incorporates water infused with Shungite and Rose Quartz, to imprint prayers and intentions and to clean and clear the circuit after each use. Orgonite spheres of Carnelian, Amethyst, Rose Quartz are placed around the body with Black Obsidian and Lapis lazuli encircled by a ring of Selenite wands. Under the Himalayan Salt pyramid cap is a Tibetan Quartz.

Tensor rings, cut at 144Hrz, “the sacred cubit” are placed within the orgonite spheres to create a toroidal vortex amplifying energies along with Triskelion forms placed inside the water to balance masculine and feminine energies. Sacred Geometry, archetypal shapes and number systems are used to amplify and neutralize detrimental energies, creating a power spot.