Rev. Angel Favorite is an ordained Minister with the Spiritualist Church of NY and The Temple of Sakkara based out of Allegan, MI.                            A Dowser, Psychic Medium, Reiki practitioner, Theta Healing practitioner, inter-dimensional traveler, shamanic path-worker, and multimedia Artist, residing in Brooklyn, NY since 2005.  Their work and research is centered on healing the mind, body, and spirit through intention, prayer work, and geometry.  

Angel is practicing surrender, allowing and opening space to witness the processes of unfolding. They are an open channel, calling in our guides, ancestors, angels, elements, and those energies who wish to work with us for our best and highest good. Together, we facilitate the weaving of healing modalities making paths through quantum entanglements to effect change in the current realities of our minds and bodies.

Angel started their spiritual journey around 2011, and since has been rigorously pursuing consciousness expansion in many healing modalities and path workings. Some of the many teachers include: Shaman Foster Perry, ascension catalyst Paul Zoino, Lisa Levin and Padma Gonzales (Reiki I &II), Dr. Robert Gilbert (Biogeometry), Stacy Rush (Theta Healing), Rev. Stephen Robinson and Rev. Janet Hariton (HSI Ministry and Intuitive Development), Rev. Mary Hardy (Temple of Sakkara), Leah Garza (Akashic study and Living Systems), and Mentors Aki Hirata- Baker, Manu Del Prete, and Sunder Ashni of the MINKA family (Holistic Business Development).

In 2018, Angel channeled and created a technology for spirit connection and communication, the Biocircuit Pyramid Water Prayer, also know as the “Ambassador of Light”. An energy device for healing and time travel to connect with Spirit.

Angel is guided by spirit to anchor the light, currently making plans to build temples and create space for ceremony.

Current offerings include: Channeling and Pyramid Healing Session, Reiki and Quantum Energy Healing (in person and remote), Theta Healing™ Session to uncover and change limiting belief systems (in person and remote), Psychic Mediumship/Channeling session with the Akashic Records (in person and remote), Home Clearing/Blessing Ceremony and Spirit Transitioning , Group Seance conductor.

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